As you enter our house, you may find yourself greeted with the most unsuspected friendliness. Our edginess will show our enthusiasm for life, our kindness will be shocking, our service, out of the ordinary. If you didn’t leave our house in a better state than you were in before, than we didn’t do our job right. We serve coffees and life all at once. Come and stay or move on to your next adventure. Either way, come as you are, we love each difference!


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Hario Pour Over

Whether you start with our house blend sweetwater or one of our unique single origin coffees, this brewing method creates an incredible cup of coffee that has more flavor without the bitterness.  We start with a bloom and then slow pour to perfection.


What do NASA scientist know about coffee?  A lot actually.  The Aeropress creates the smoothest cup of coffee with a handmade approach.  Pressure and full immersion brewing create a unique flavor profile for your chosen bean.

Syphon Press

It looks like a mad science experiment but it creates the tastiest coffee.  The Syphon Press heats water using a 700 degree infrared light which superheats water to pressurize into a brewing chamber.  It is as much a show as an incredible cup of coffee.

French Toast Latte

It’s breakfast in a cup.  Maple and cinnamon flavors will make you swear you were eating french toast and with the addition of our Black Espresso, it’s the perfect way to get your motor running any time of day.

Sex in a Cup

Our best seller and for good reason!  This delicious latte has smooth and sweet flavors with a unique chocolate twist.  Served Hot and topped with whipped cream, this drink promises to add some excitement to your day.

Red Tuxedo

This Mocha favorite is dressed up and ready to paint the town red.  Dark and white mochas are offset with a raspberry explosion that is a great way to start your morning or end your evening.  This is a local customer favorite!

Enrico Scones & Biscotti

You can tell when a baker has real passion and nothing describes Enrico like passion.  Enrico’s creates incredible flavor combinations while creating a texture and consistency that make all the difference.  You just know someone really care about what they were making here.

Moonshine Chocolates

It all starts with long pieces of Belgian chocolate crafted to silky smooth perfection.  Those pieces are then painted with chocolate paint and each piece is different, no two alike.  They are quite possibly the coolest chocolates that you will ever eat.

The Macaroons

This coconut concoction has been spun on it’s head.  Whether it’s covered in chocolate with a white chocolate drizzle or made with almond and half dipped in chocolate, these cookies are unique.  It is the perfect pairing to one of our incredible coffees.

Of course, these are just some of our offerings.  We have an incredible selection of loose leaf teas, unique bottled drinks, whole bean coffees from our personal roaster or Intellegentsia and other craft roasters, healthy snacks and premium Jacob’s Ladder Cigars.  Additionally, we have a selective inventory of coffee brewers and accessories.  In short, you need come see it all!

Find Us!!

11 S. Mill St. New Castle PA 16101

We are located in the Riverplex building in the corner where Mill St. meets the Neshannock Creek.  Parking is available on mill st. and in the parking lot across the street.  We are most easily accessed from the mill st. entrance.